How to meet the man for the rest of life

How to meet the man for the rest of life

One era replaces another, the whole continents start moving, born and fall into oblivion of a civilization, and female heart everything also waits for that magic meeting with it - the only man of the life.


1. Remember as many times you, expecting, for example, the friend in a black raincoat, paid attention to all who are dressed in similar clothes. At the same time you did not even award with a look of those who are dressed differently. In this way reception which will help you to meet the man of all the life works.

2. Set the direction of the selectivity. Write down all those qualities without which you do not think to yourself of the elect. If you dream of the only man on for the rest of the life, then surely accent this moment.

3. Keep in mind that people develop and change. Requirements which you impose to the half can strongly change with age, considering the coming life experience. Attentively re-read what you wrote. Then imagine the pleasant and light room, a vessel or capacity which you just washed up and cleaned. Mentally place all your definitions in this vessel.

4. Now forget all that you did. Distract from this subject and be engaged in any other affairs, useful to you. You laid "foundation" for your meeting with the only man, and your subconsciousness immediately began the work for execution of desire.

5. After a while you surely will meet him. Perhaps, you at once recognize the promised. But there can be also other development of the situation. Muzhchin will be a little, and you should communicate to them to learn the only thing.

6. Do not avoid meetings, try to develop strategy which will save you from inconvenient interlocutors and unnecessary communications. At the same time you do not hurry, carefully analyze and choose.

7. Sometimes people are so sure, where exactly can meet the half that intentionally do not visit those places where the meeting just and has to take place. Listen to the intuition. Do not follow the tastes of stereotypes, it is frequent nothing unreasonable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team