How to meet the man if he has a child

How to meet the man if he has a child

Life does not keep within a framework of the moral codes and traditions created by public opinion. And quite often along with single mothers single fathers began to come across. In it there is nothing terrible or bad is a reality. However, if you decided to meet such man, the made decision can strongly complicate life and make it even more interesting, than you would like that.


1. If the child does not remember the mother, it is enough to make a positive impression on him at acquaintance. For this purpose it is necessary to consult in advance with the man that as it is possible to find out in more detail a psychological portrait of the kid, that is his character, tastes, addictions that he loves and what does not transfer to spirit.

2. If the child remembers mother, your task becomes complicated much. The most hard case - when it, keeping an image of the absent mother in memory, idealizes it eventually. The worse he remembers it, the more generously allocates with merits. It is impossible to win such competition in principle, to you it is not necessary and to try. Opposition of to the absent mother – obviously failure course.

3. The most favorable situation – accidental acquaintance in the neutral territory. And an optimal variant – in the company where there are other people. Here it is necessary to consider cunning feature of children's mentality - when the child sees one woman near the father, he compares it to the absent mother. If it is several of them, in most cases (though not always, of course) the son or the daughter try on them for a role of mother as subconsciously any child aspires to full family. Such competition quite can do to you – involve it in a game, acquaint with the child (at his presence). If children make friends, consider, a half of a problem is solved.

4. At first do not show to the man an obvious affection at the kid, it is necessary not to provoke jealousy of the child. In children there lives the feeling of the owner. That, however, will not cancel kiss on the cheek at a meeting.

5. You do not seek to impose to the child the love, especially, at once if it is absent yet. It is much more important to win his respect, recognition and finally – friendship and trust. And this base, believe, it is capable to sustain a lot of things. Perhaps, already now some will think – "and it is necessary to me?" Really, everything rests against as far as you need this man. If he is worth it, then dare!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team