How to meet the soldier from army

How to meet the soldier from army

The whole year your soldier served the Russian army. And here day when he comes back home comes. Perhaps, those who wait for the soldiers begin to prepare for this event nearly for several months. The whole year passes in thoughts of this moment and there is a wish to make so that it was very positive and festive.


1. Present only that the whole year your guy lived under the charter, submitted to seniors on a rank and executed orders. To it for certain most it is not believed that already very soon it will meet the close people. And as much as possible to bring closer this moment, try to come to it already on the platform. Bring together as much as possible his friends and relatives. It will be very pleasant to soldier to see the relatives, having descended from the train. Take the camera or the video camera later to mount a roller for memory.

2. Arrange a festive feast. It is the obligatory moment of a meeting of the soldier from army. The whole year it obtained a minimum of information that there were houses. It is for certain very interesting to it to hear news about the friends and acquaintances quicker to join usual civil life. You can even keep a special diary for the guy for all year, and at a meeting to allow it to esteem. It can be news about your family and acquaintances, about the progress and achievements about which you did not write in letters.

3. Decorate the place where there will take place the festive feast. As jewelry posters with inscriptions how strongly the soldier was waited by houses can serve. Unpack its army photos and hang out on walls. Food on a holiday table is also of very great importance. The whole year of soldiers ate in the army dining room and tasty homemade food - the best, than you can treat it at a meeting.

4. Mount the roller devoted to your meeting and show it during a holiday. From army impose your joint photos before his departure to army and also photos which were made during your meetings during the holiday or when you came to it to a part on the beautiful song about expectation of the soldier. Such roller will be an excellent gift and will cause positive emotions in all attendees.

5. Present to the soldier some house gift. For example, warm slippers or a plush robe as a symbol of the fact that now it does not need clothes in which he had a rest in barracks. The most important - be near the soldier, you give it the heat and caress which so were not enough for it during service.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team