How to meet the son from army

How to meet the son from army

Your son comes back from army, you long did not see each other, and letters were almost only means of communication. But time of service came to an end, and he comes back home. Certainly, it is necessary to meet him, properly. This very joyful and concerning event therefore think over and prepare all important points in advance.


1. Most likely, you know the exact time of arrival of the train on which there will arrive the son. Meet him directly at the station that it, having only gone out of the car, at once understood how strongly it all waited for the house. For him this concerning event, and he missed family. Call also to the station of close friends of your son, they will be glad to meet him too.

2. Further usually all go home where already waits for the laid table. Some guests, for example, the senior family members, grandmothers and grandfathers for whom it is tiresome to go to the station can meet his houses, at the same time having laid a table. Table-talks – time when it is possible to ask the son as there passed the service as everything developed.

3. Be prepared for a feast in advance. In army your son hardly had to eat much homemade food therefore it is necessary to meet him only by the most nourishing and loved by it dishes, any semi-finished products. Prepare all traditional family dishes, and let on a table there will be as much as possible meat foods. About its favourite desserts, such as home-made pies and cookies, do not forget too. Let it will be better than food much, than in a shortcoming.

4. Shortly before return of the son home bring order to its room. Dust everywhere, air the room, lay bed linen. If in its absence you used the room, then exempt it from all stranger. Let, when he will come back home, everything will be as if he also did not leave.

5. You did not see each other many months for which your son changed not only externally, but also internally. He grew up, its character got stronger and changed. Even if at first will seem to you that it moved away from you, be more delicate and softer. Ask it about plans for the future, but if the son does not want to talk about it, do not insist. Take care of it, but do not impose the topic of conversation.

6. Make to the son a house breakfast in the morning. It is possible to ask that he wants most of all. For certain food which earlier he ate houses reluctantly, for example, milk porridges, fritters or cheesecakes practically dreamed him in army.

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