How to meet true love

How to meet true love

True love – feeling which each person wants to feel, probably. It is considered that at least once in life it has to it happens to remain in soul light reminiscence for the rest of life. The experienced love kind of allows the person to find new quality, a sincere maturity. Therefore many look forward when to them has the luck to have this feeling and to meet the true love.


1. The love for other representative of the look meets in the nature, its manifestations can be observed at swans one-woman men, some representatives of mammals. The person since the birth is familiar with this feeling. At first he feels love for parents, then to friends. Ripening physically, he begins to feel sexual desire to persons of an opposite sex which too many call love. But true love – not a sexual instinct. It is a certain step of spiritual personal development, it does not come from the outside, this feeling is born at heart the person ready to love.

2. The true love is a work of soul. At the same time it is not important whether knows about it the object which caused it and whether it is ready to reciprocate. History knows many examples when love at distance, unrequited love were not less strong and not less loud, than that love which was happy forced the person to make feats. Therefore it is necessary to develop the soul, the sincere qualities that to you the true love came.

3. Do not think that to meet true love is a continuous holiday, flowers and champagne. More likely, on the contrary, the fact that you met it can be understood only after difficult tests. If you are ready to keep this feeling to the person, being together with it not only in joy, but also in the mountain, supporting him, even when all from it to turn away, without paying attention to material and other problems, you can say that you really love it.

4. Having this feeling, you will constantly feel readiness to give. At the same time you will do it, without hoping to receive something in exchange at all and even without thinking of it. The true love - the only feeling which allows those to become richer and that is happier, than more give disinterestedly.

5. The true love is a difficult test to which not everyone is ready. Only really strong and spiritually developed persons can experience it. Developing the soul, you train yourself that in it the love spark will arise and whether there will be it real – depends only on you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team