How to meet with the girl

How to meet with the girl

Sometimes it is very difficult simple to get acquainted with the girl. But it is even more difficult to hold her nearby, to maintain interest. Most often there is not enough knowledge of the human relations, of relationship between the man and the woman, elementary courage and self-confidence.


1. Overcome the fear. The most common cause – fear that the girl can refuse to get acquainted. Of course, the refusal causes unpleasant feelings and experiences, but it is surmountable. Develop in yourself confidence, raise a self-assessment.

2. Any acquaintance begins with the first impression. It is formed in several minutes and is defined by features of shape and behavior of the person. In the first impression everything is important: as you are dressed as you keep. A hairstyle, clothes, a behavior manner, a condition of hands and nails, began to smell – all this directly influences how you will be apprehended.

3. Interest the girl who was pleasant to you. Knowledge of the advantages can play a good role in it. Think that it is the best of all at you it turns out. Keep up the conversation. Choose a subject, interesting to both. But avoid questions of sport, fishing, policy, economy – it, as a rule, not too interests girls. It is better to choose abstract subjects - those which help to dream, relax.

4. You speak about yourself less, it is better to give personal information parts, it is so possible to maintain interest in the person. Do not lie in the main thing. Keep silent better or promise to tell another time. But also do not ask it too many questions. The conversation should not resemble interrogation.

5. It is also not necessary to tell the girl about the love affairs or to complain that you left recently, to abuse the former girlfriend. It is better to start acquaintance with a clean slate and to fill it together.

6. Compliments at communication with girls are necessary, but everything is good moderately. If you ""scatter"" many compliments at once, it can look as banal flattery. Or the girl can take you for the lady's man, the collector of female hearts. A sure bet – present flowers at acquaintance. If you were pleasant, she will show courtesies: a friendly smile, the interested conversation, a lingering look.

7. In the further relations show an initiative and persistence, try to obtain the. Girls appreciate it. But do not turn into the inadequate or boring person at all. Try to be romantic, surprise the beloved.

8. Be attentive to the girl, do not remake and do not re-educate her, do not "adjust" to yourself. She is an independent personality. But also you should not become the slave to her desires too. Keep advantage.

9. Solve all problems arising in the course of formation of the further relations together, protect each other and your relations will be long and strong.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team