How to meet young people from a registry office

How to meet young people from a registry office

Usually the wedding in Russia assumes three stages: official in the REGISTRY OFFICE or Wedding palace, walk and a feast. An official part the most responsible, exactly there occurs a direct wedding. Young people came into the REGISTRY OFFICE the groom and the bride, and leave the husband and the wife.

It is required to you

  • rice, small coins, petals of roses


1. Right after the ceremony the newlyweds carry usually out still some in the REGISTRY OFFICE - receive congratulations, hold a photoshoot in interiors. During this time witnesses or the host undertakes the organization of a meeting of young people at REGISTRY OFFICE doors, on the street.

2. Guests settle down at an entrance a semicircle or form the road, having got up in two ranks. Put children in the first rows. In advance rice, small coins, petals of roses which symbolize wealth and welfare of future family have to be prepared.

3. It is optional to collect petals of roses independently, many firms helping with the organization of weddings offer such sets for a meeting of young people. Besides, petals of roses can be ordered in large flower shops.

4. Someone from guests undertakes function of the bartender: opens champagne, distributes to all guests glasses. There is a tradition for young people - having drunk champagne, to break glasses against the earth. It is possible to arrange it right after the REGISTRY OFFICE or later, before a feast. Anyway do not leave after this garbage: think over as easily and quickly to remove splinters. It is possible to prepare a beautiful wide bag which you put on the earth and young people will throw glasses directly into it, and then someone and guests will just remove a bag.

5. When newlyweds leave, to them shout: ""We Congratulate!"" also shower with rice, money and petals. Better at distribution for guests to divide rice/money from petals as grain and coins should be thrown low, under legs, and petals look more effectively when they are thrown from above. It is possible to think up also more original meeting: to throw some else bagatelles which symbolize the future of new family (for example, children's nipples, soft toys) or which are somehow connected with a hobby of the groom or bride. Surely collect all objects before departure.

6. Other traditional actions continue usually after walk before a feast. For example, the mother-in-law is met by the groom and the bride by a loaf on the bench hammer, but it is possible to carry out it also after the REGISTRY OFFICE, especially, if continuation of a holiday is not supposed long or not all are invited to continuation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team