How to move to it to live

How to move to it to live

You meet quite long time, to you well together, you do not want to leave for a long time. You begin to joke or to seriously discuss how would be great to live together. You agree about the one who will bring a breakfast in bed in the mornings. You watch movies at movie theater and dream that you will watch them together at home. Naturally, there will be a question of moving to the young man.

It is required to you

  • - Book ""Family life on 5+ "", Yu.L. Berdnikova, 2008.


1. First of all, it is necessary to be convinced that this mutual desire, but not your personal whim to which he indulges not to offend you. He precisely solved? Did not you push him and did not persuade? Be convinced of it.

2. If you, having crossed the apartment, immediately begin to change everything and to do in own way, it will definitely not be pleasant to it. It is its apartment and you came to it to live. Temporarily it is necessary to get on in a small disorder, and only gradually, after a while, carefully begin to remake after the own fashion and taste.

3. For a start ask to allocate you the small place to remove there the things and to put the most necessary all only. You do not hurry to transport all the things that your moving did not seem "annexation of territory" as the young man can be very susceptible and be negative to the similar moment. Besides you will avoid a situation when the quantity of hangers in a case is insufficient. In the future all this is solvable.

4. In advance speak all issues of cohabitation. Define what will be the budget: family or personal. As you will spend money whether you will keep some part of the sum from salary or everything to put in the general moneybox.

5. Divide house efforts by the principle "I like to do it therefore it will be done by me". It is possible to divide works into difficult and not really. Difficult you will carry out together, and small and simple — in turn.

6. Moving to the young man and the beginning of joint life is a responsible step therefore approach it with due gravity.

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