How to offer friendship

How to offer friendship

In the childhood the friendly relations develop very naturally. You live in the neighboring apartments, your parents are on friendly terms or you go to one group of kindergarten – it quite enough that you became friends. In adulthood to enter into the friendly relations much more difficult. Having become adults, we contact daily to a large number of new people, but these contacts not a reason for the further relations and friendship at all.


1. When we grow up, we begin to understand the price to friendship, and we do not seek to meet closer with each of those who meets to us on a course of life. We do not even know how call our neighbors and for us not a reason for close friendly relations daily contacts with fellow workers. It is more pleasant and more surprising to that to meet the person who at once caused sympathy to whom you feel at once trust and desire to offer friendship.

2. If you were interested in this person, and you felt to him interest if you wanted to recognize him closer and to you those thoughts impose that he stated at your acquaintance, then it is not necessary to hesitate. You should support also frankly his statements, having adduced own arguments and having expressed own opinion. You as adults have to show each other similarity of the positions on key vital questions then to fix mutual sympathy by communication confidentially.

3. It does not assume intimacy, it is enough to suggest your new acquaintance to continue a conversation behind a cup of cafe or during a joint lunch in cafe or restaurant. However, it is possible to communicate also during joint walk. Tell in brief about yourself, about the hobbies and the vital principles, you have to give the chance to your interlocutor to make the opinion on you and to interest him in yourself.

4. Having convinced that the person is interesting to you, his position and the principles is close to you, his society is interesting, you can frankly tell it about it and suggest to continue acquaintance. It is unknown whether your first mutual interest and sympathy will develop into firm friendship, but it is never impossible to lose chance and to lose pleasure from communication with the interesting person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team