How to operate people?

How to operate people?

Probably, very few people from us ever did not think and how it to operate people? Also did not represent mentally how many benefit it would bring personally to it.

To operate well, people actually not so difficult, it can quite learn and most.

For a start we will understand what you need for ability to operate people? It is just minute whim or you want to learn to operate people for the sake of some definite purpose? Anyway, to comprehend manipulation elements, you will need to define for yourself why it is necessary to you and whether you are also ready to go on certain victims for the sake of it?

The science to operate people

So, how after all it is correct to operate people? Skillful possession of science of manipulation is in that an object did not even guess that it carries out not the will. For example, the wise girl can push the guy to a thought to go to some cafe where she very much wants, stealthily. She just for several days few times will mention this place, will talk on pleasant subjects for the young man. Then, later a certain number of days, can say what he remarkable, time suggested it to descend there. The wondering guy will try to remember when he told it, but the sincere gratitude and amazement of the girl his resourcefulness will not allow it to tell that he it even did not think.

It would seem that here it? However the guy in this case will go, for example, to cafe according to own decision (he will think so). The purpose in that case is reached, and the girl even should not quarrel with the young man, proving that this cafe is better than a sit-round gathering in the yard.

Thus, thinking how to operate people, think also what is wanted by these people. And, having understood what they want, you can make peculiar exchange.

Let's take, for example, the mean old woman neighbor who constantly invents various gossips at you behind the back. Of course, there is nothing tragic in it, but after all sometimes happens unpleasantly. Let's think what can not be enough for it? Quite possibly, attention. Find a reason for it to approach and try to get to talking. Show sincere interest in her life, however do not touch upon a subject of a talk behind the back at all. The old woman, having felt your arrangement, will thaw, and then an unpleasant talk will be already less. This is also one of options as it is possible to operate people.

How to operate people – psychology subtleties

Such questions understand psychology not only how to operate people, but also those types of the personality which as are inclined to be subject to manipulation, and those which I have inherent ability to operate people are considered.

The people subject to influence are often timid and flabby. Such type of people can always be found in an environment of pronounced leaders. Happens, however, that to become the independent personality, they lack a small push, and understanding that try to manipulate them will become the first step to it.

Manipulators, on the contrary, outstanding, open personalities which impose all both the manner of behavior, and opinion. Opposition to such persons is quite heavy as their main weapon – an environment which they manipulate.

However also other type of people who know how it is possible to operate people effectively meets. You will not notice such person at once for this reason he also received the name – the eminence grise. The most unpleasant that such manipulators are able to salt to the person others hands, at the same time remaining in the shadow. Knowing that such people are in your collective, try to avoid better them, you stick to a neutral position.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team