How to operate people - psychology

How to operate people - psychology

All would like that they were surrounded by competent and objective people at work, but so it happens not always. The head imposes the overestimated requirements, employees do the work carelessly, and the client cannot understand you in any way. Problems meet different and there is a lot of them, and it is necessary to spend many forces for overcoming and time. To answer a question how to operate people, the psychology will help. By means of this knowledge it is possible to learn to foresee actions of others, to send them to a thought to the course necessary to you and many other things.

How to operate other person power of thought?

You should not think that the subject is devoted to development of supernatural abilities It will be a question about art to operate people as it is considered by psychology. Collection of information about the person whom you need to influence will be the first point of any method. On the basis of collected data it is necessary to plan the targets, vulnerable points, the most suitable for influence. For example, selling the car to married couple with children, it is useless to paint his playfulness as for them safety will be the main parameter for the choice. Or to motivate the employee feeling the need for respect for after-hour work as recognition of his merits.

It is possible to operate consciousness of other person by means of baits as it is done during the election campaigns. The method is simple, it is necessary just to paint to the person all benefits of the subsequent cooperation, the main thing to learn to do it attractively. Real facts of very few people can interest therefore it is necessary to draw attention to them, and then to make the proposal to memorable. As a bait, promises of bright future, a sensitive issue (bright heading), a joke, etc. can act.

Answering a question how to operate thoughts of people, the psychology recommends not to neglect attraction art. This reception will allow to arrange the interlocutor, to cause his trust. The usual smile or a successful compliment, the main thing that you at the same time did not look a flatterer can be the tool. Also it will be required to study nonverbal ways of communication that with their help to do the speeches more convincing and penetrating.

As we see to operate the person by force of thought it is not necessary to become the superhero, it is enough to seize art of conversation and it is detailed to approach each of them.

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