How to organize a romantic dinner

How to organize a romantic dinner

What can be more pleasant than the romantic dinner by candlelight impregnated with aromas of secrets and passionate desires. Both men, and women love such surprises. Family life and the long relations demand feed, explosion of sexuality in a quiet current of a week, peculiar discharge. The romanticism is the tenderness, champagne, gentle music and petals of roses conducting to the bedroom. However, such plot is too banal. Try to surprise the half by means of these hints.

It is required to you

  • - treat;
  • - champagne with ice, strawberry, cream;
  • - jewelry for table layout;
  • - fabrics for scenery of the room, a pillow, the lamp;
  • - aromalamp, oils, candles;
  • - notes with instructions;
  • - gift for the young man;
  • - beautiful clothes;
  • - roses or any flowers.


1. Petals of roses – it is fine, especially, if they appear in absolutely unexpected places, for example, in a case with documents. Make it early in the morning while the young man stays in the bathroom. Or hide a flower of a garden wild rose with thorns in a jacket pocket. Having found such surprise at work, your darling "will bite elbows" waiting for evening.

2. During the day send to darling of a sms to the mobile phone. Contents can be various: declarations of love or pictures with kisses. Write it riddles, for each solved – promise a prize (execution of his desires). As option, instead of riddles use the questions concerning your acquaintance, the first meeting, the first night. Intrigue the man.

3. Let the table will be placed so that it is possible to remove it if something happens, and it did not occupy all space. Execute laying with use of scarlet napkins and pearl beads. It is possible to make a scattering a rhinestone and glass balls on a table, and it is possible to walk long threads of beads a snake between devices.

4. Decoration of the room. Candles, of course, it is beautiful, but it is not absolutely safe and convenient. Use the aromalamp with oils or an unusual night lamp with liquid and brilliant particles. In all apartment leave light muffled. If there is a wish to carry out a romantic dinner in east style, decorate the room with transparent fabrics. Take a fishing line and stretch it on room diagonals. Cut chiffon fabric or organza wide tapes and throw a fishing line. On a floor lay throw pillows. Do not forget about a hookah.

5. Treat. Prepare dishes easy and low-fat – salads, a canape, various cold appetizers, from drinks the bottle of wine or Vermouth will approach. Your head is not left by a thought "to pobezobraznichat", then do not forget about strawberry, cream and champagne in a bucket with ice.

6. Clothes. Classics of a genre – the black fitting dress in a floor with a deep cut on a back. Certainly, both the hairstyle and the corresponding make-up is necessary here. If this image is not pleasant, it can be replaced with the white men's shirt which is put on a naked body and a flower hairpin in hair. An important condition – any slippers, only footwear on a high heel.

7. Meeting of darling. Let the man will open doors the key, the first that he will see, it is the box tied with a tape. Give a gift, for example, fine perfume or cuff links for shirts. In a box leave a note with the instruction what to do and where to go further. Send it to the bathroom to wash hands where on a mirror he will notice the attached leaflet with the subsequent actions. Following your hints, it has to reach the treasured room where you, the beautiful temptress, capture him. Evening will pass unforgettably.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team