How to overcome fear of driving of the car?

How to overcome fear of driving of the car?

The fear of driving of the car is inherent not only in beginners, but also experienced drivers who long did not take the wheel or suffered the psychological injury, for example, connected with participation in road accident or with the seen accident. To gain confidence in the forces it is necessary to overcome fear of the car and driving Therefore we will talk about how to overcome fear of driving of the car by means of simple, but effective ways.

How to win against fear of driving of the car?

Initially, we will make a start from what caused fear and as to overcome it, depending on the reasons of its emergence. So, we will define three categories of the motorists having this feeling:

  • the beginning drivers without experience;
  • drivers who had a long break in driving;
  • drivers after the road accident.

Fear to drive the car at beginners

The most "unfortunate" category is beginners who often become the reason of traffic jams, their unpredictable actions arouse indignation at other participants of the movement, signals, blinking by headlights, abuse, etc. from here. But let's understand whether the situation will improve if without that lost and frightened beginning driver if so to behave? It is enough to remember of himself at the initial stage and to understand and help as once there was a wish that treated you.

Let's consider the main fears of beginners:

  • whether the car will break;
  • whether I will be able to manage to drive;
  • whether I will forget value of road signs and whether I will violate traffic regulations;
  • whether I will have an accident.

These fears pursue beginners that does driving, almost, stressful. It is at the same time necessary to assess a situation on the road and to manage to drive that without experience and skills is very hard.

In this situation only one helps – more driving. No spirits will help as experience which will give to self-confidence and in the forces.

Advice to beginners:

  1. At the initial stage choose familiar and not really brisk routes.
  2. Supply the car with sign "U" that if something happens other drivers were ready to unexpected turns.
  3. Be not nervous and do not pay attention to other drivers who will signal you in every possible way as it will even more confuse you.
  4. If you get into a situation when in strong confusion you do not know that to do - look for an opportunity to park to calm down and to do even more.
  5. If you, well very much are afraid, then at first you can be helped by presence row someone who is more skilled than you.

Fear of driving after a break

We will quite explain fear of driving of the car after a break as some skills and concepts got over time or were replaced by others, for a moment "pedestrian" life more necessary. Everything will help to cope with such situation to you too driving which will restore the lost abilities.


  1. Surely refresh in memory of the traffic regulation;
  2. At first try to consider yourself the inexperienced driver;
  3. Choose the most not overloaded route.

If it to you is not enough, take advice for beginners.

Fear of driving after road accident

It is the most difficult situation and that it is more difficult, than road accident was heavier. The main thing is to break a psychological barrier and overcoming, at times, the panic to take the wheel again. Statistics of the interviewed drivers after accidents says that at the vast majority the fear passes after several hours of driving.

Aggravates a situation if at road accident people suffered, it adds even more fear and uncertainty which it will be necessary to master. Skilled motorists advise not too to delay with resumption of driving not to allow to take roots to fear and that one more problem connected with a long break did not come to light.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team