How to parents to be on friendly terms with the teenager? To accept and understand

How to parents to be on friendly terms with the teenager? To accept and understand

Our small yesterday's kurnosik and kids – now at all not such and kids. Teenagers! Period, very difficult on the way of growing, hormonal revolt. Teenage maximalism, differences of mood. All this is so unclear for adult parents.

How it is worth behaving better with the matured child at the age of 11-15 years?

The first. It is worth remembering himself at such age and to try to accept all its rash acts. Now it seems to it that all around it do not understand, only he knows one better who is he and that it. At this age children look for themselves and the way! Protest actions with application of loud heavy music, provocative clothes, an ardent contradiction the adult, here both the first broken love, and the first alcohol with cigarettes. Your task – with great patience to treat such behavior, whenever possible to give support in some moments. Remember how you lacked support from adults?The second. At this interesting age your child is strongly dependent on opinion of the peers. Their councils and opinions it is much more important than councils of adults. In this situation you should not aggravate the situation and to criticize his behavior. Refuse in a conversation notations. In personal meeting try to find out about true motives of an act. For certain they will be absolutely harmless, than you imagine. It is extremely important to learn to listen to own child. It is not necessary to climb to him with councils, to a bowl of all he just tries to be uttered.

The third. In classes your kid is more senior begins to place values and to look for to itself a profession to taste. How to it to promote you with this choice? Successful people take pleasure from the work. Your main mission here is a search of its interests. Let your child itself will acquire that this occupation brings it joy and satisfaction. Unfortunately, presently, many choose to themselves a profession on manual of the short-sighted parents, thereby dooming themselves to not favourite routine work. They once gave up the children's hobby, and such harmless hobby is frequent to become lifework. Not important, in what field of activity he sees himself, just help him with it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team