How to pass from friendship to love

How to pass from friendship to love

Sometimes it happens that between the people considering themselves as friends there is a mutual sympathy which once develops into love. And happens and so that a liking is taken by one of friends, and the second does not see in him anybody, except the friend. In such situation of the person the question of how to pass from friendship to love also begins to torment.


1. It is sometimes possible. But it is necessary to stock up with patience as the care and sense of tact in this case play the defining role. Everyone understands love in own way. And in this case it is important to know what the friend, the relations with whom you want to change, understands as it.

2. If you are indecisive, it is possible to begin with the veiled questions to obtain necessary information and to make the right decision: Talk to the friend. Start a conversation on love and ask several leading questions. If you are true friends, it assumes big degree of trust and frankness therefore here it is possible to rely on reliability of the received answers. Necessary information can be taken not only from personal meeting. Pay attention to any statements of your friend which can shed light on his understanding of love and the romantic relations. He can comment on something when watching movies, express the opinion on someone's acts. All this can help you to choose the correct tactics of behavior.

3. It is possible to risk and ask a specific question: Ask whether the friend believes in possibility of love between old friends and as it treats it. But be ready that this question can set your friend thinking on your attitude towards him. Therefore if you are not ready to a showdown yet, hold off it. It is not difficult to define a look, touches and other courtesies of the person in love. If your friend is rather attentive, and you do not try to hide carefully the feelings, he quickly enough will notice changes in your relations and this important conversation can take place much earlier, than you expected.

4. The most direct and difficult way - outright declaration of love: If you made up the mind to such step, try to make it beautifully and very tactfully. You anyway confuse the friend, but your task is not to push away, keep an opportunity for dialogue continuation. Probability that your friend will not apprehend you seriously is anyway very high or will not be able to reciprocate. Here, as they say, love cannot be ordered. It is necessary to reconcile. But it is never impossible to exclude a possibility of a favorable outcome. And suddenly your friend does not know too how to make a declaration of love to you? Take this step the first. What all this would not end with, all of you will equally make a courageous and correct act because most to live, suffering from uncertainty and to offend innuendo of the friend is not the best option of any relations, friendly or romantic.

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