How to plan conception

How to plan conception

Quite often it happens that kind of spouses tried to conceive the child, it is impossible to them. Therefore it is necessary to calculate special days in which the probability of approach of pregnancy is highest. It is day of an ovulation and also 2-3 days before and after it.

It is required to you

  • Notebook, handle, thermometer, calendar, test for definition of an ovulation.


1. Use a calendar method. This way the simplest and no-cost, however will also suit it only to those women who have a regular menstrual cycle. For example, at women the ovulation happens to a 28-day cycle for the 14th day, that is in 2 weeks before the following monthly. There is a small nuance – the ovulation always comes in fourteen days prior to the beginning of periods, thus, at the woman with a cycle of 30 days it day after the next bleedings, and at the girl at whom monthly go with a 26-day interval – for 12 day will come on the 16th.

2. Take basal temperature. The essence of a method is simple – it is necessary daily before you got up, to take body temperature in a rectum. It is very important that the thermometer was always near at hand. On the revealed data schedules are under construction. In day of an ovulation temperature falls a little, and next day, on the contrary, increases (by 0.2-0.4 degrees) and keeps prior to the beginning of periods.

3. Use a tactile method. This way will suit only observant women. Scientists revealed that during an ovulation slime becomes less viscous, thereby kind of helping spermatozoa to move ahead on a neck of the uterus.

4. Use tests for an ovulation. Similar tests can be acquired in any drugstore though it is impossible to call their cost low. One packing contains five test strips allowing definition of pregnancy in house conditions at once. Those that define an ovulation also show one (there is no ovulation) or two strips (the ovulation occurred), work of such tests are based on determination of level of hormones in the woman's urine which sharply increase in day of an exit of an ovum. In process of approach of an ovulation the second strip becomes brighter. It is necessary to apply these tests daily. Optimum time for conception is that day when both strips are painted most intensively.

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