How to play the favourite guy

How to play the favourite guy

Day - a holiday when all seek to play you is known on April 1 to all. This day is even notorious for much: usually in the first day of April the people who are not taking out draws suffer most. But happens and so that the first of April extends also for other days - just laughter for the sake of, for the sake of interest to test the person or to amuse him.


1. Connect all imagination which is only available for you in a stock, but at the same time try to make so that your draw was somehow dated for some special day. For example, to anniversary of your relations, or by New year, or to acquaintance to parents. For example, put to it under a fir-tree in the living room a gift and tell that it from Father Frost.

2. Before playing the guy, think and whether it will be pleasant to him. You will spend many forces for thinking up an original draw, and it will make you a complaint that you do not love it that you scoff at it and so on. For such gentle copies and a joke it is necessary to think out less cruel. For example, you should not invite to the house the familiar angry uncle who will attack on your young man for the fact that it allegedly sticks to you and to represent it the uncle as the father. It is your darling, your young man - be so humane.

3. You can combine a draw with a pleasant surprise. For example, sitting on a high terrace at restaurant or cafe at an extreme table, accidentally nudge a wallet of your friend, previously having replaced it with the cheap copy; and when the guy will get off shock and you hand it the real wallet, in a purse there will be a gift card of shop of expensive men's suits or something like thatsomething like that. Then the gift, and a draw will be remembered to the young man if not forever, then for a long time. But do not overdo: suddenly his wallet is so expensive to the guy what how the last flies to an abyss, unfortunate there will be enough blow?.

4. If desired you can connect your friends and acquaintances. However such option is acceptable if, for example, you are going to go to a party. If the guy this evening is from the very beginning ready for communication only with you, then hardly the big loud shocking draw very much will be pleasant to it. Therefore before starting business, observe the soulmate: can be, it today at all not in mood for draws.

5. You can (for brightness of impressions) to combine the being outlined party, for example, on the occasion of a birthday of the young man with your draw of a century. Let's assume, you opened to darling an awful secret: that when it will come home, it will be waited by the whole crowd to the people with gifts and the serpentine. It comes home - nobody. In the fridge the mouse hung herself. At the apartment in general such look that here since the morning (and even longer) was nobody. Further, regardless of reaction of your half, you call him on mobile and invite to look out in a window, and there the words ""Happy Birthday!"" are made of Bengal lights in snow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team