How to play the girlfriend

How to play the girlfriend

Integral part of life is the humour. To laugh most or to make laugh someone, it is possible to read a joke, ridiculous history or to look at a comic show. But sometimes it is possible to resort also to such concept as a draw. For this purpose April Fools' Day (on April 1) or just good mood can be the cause. It is possible to play the girlfriend easily too, but to be better with this careful.

  • Plastic spider, flour, bat, flowers

1. At first think what framework the draw at which your darling will definitely not take offense have to have. Each person has the limit of what is ridiculous when business concerns him. But anyway, you have to know the girl better than others therefore be prepared thoroughly and if that, do not judge too severely.

2. Almost any girl is afraid of insects. Approach imperceptibly her and cry out: "You have a cockroach on hair!" - to squeal will be enough. Or buy a plastic spider and fix him under a ceiling or in other place where your companion will surely throw a look.

3. Girls very jealously treat the appearance. But some nevertheless can estimate your next draws: fill flour or starch in the hair dryer which it dries every morning hair. The same can be made with the ventilation system in the car. Only consider that it is necessary to tide up after such fireworks, most likely, to you.

4. Present to the girl the bouquet which is beautifully packed to top. Instead of the main flower, insert a bat only into the center of a bouquet. It is a draw with a hint about "soft and forgiving" character of your beloved. On bit you can write: "My gentle and tender". The girl will precisely estimate such bouquet. Only try not to give it after all previous draws – you risk to be flogged.

5. The main thing that you have to remember, playing the girl - the fact that she fragile and gentle creation. Choose draws so that they did not bring to her sincere and the more so physical pain. After all, the one who plays, and the one who is played also has to laugh at a draw. Otherwise it is not a joke, and mockery any more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team