How to play the husband

How to play the husband

Sometimes to someone in repeating and boring, and someone wants to introduce already active life something fresh, cheerful. One of ways - to play the native or loved one, and is even better - own nothing suspecting than the husband as the people who are often with you nearby usually do not expect a draw. Similar actions raise not only a smile, but also sincere laughter.

1. Do you know it rather well? Then its weaknesses, vulnerabilities and fears are already known to you. Use his trust - without it the husband will suspect wrong or will not give a sign that everything became clear to it; the draw will not turn out. What will seem to other people offensive will be the most suitable, and here to your spouse - no. Notice that than better you know the closest to you the person - especially the effective and memorable draw at you will turn out. Try!

2. Do you know it not really well? In that case use popular options for a draw, for example: sending false SMS (or wrong on number of the husband - ""The Road! My husband at last left for work. I wait!""); in the morning in the bathroom to leave the switch on a shower and to direct a watering can towards a sink; to cut a tube with toothpaste and to fill it with mayonnaise... Train imagination, use all the imagination - the stronger you will try (only do not go too far), the present more cheerful emotions to the spouse.

3. The draw can be both simple, and household: to show the test with two stripes; under a sheet to put newspapers and to wait until the spouse prepares for sleeping; to the husband to make manicure at night or to attach a brooch to working clothes. The joke can tickle nerves and to be more difficult performed by, for example: to connect threads objects in the room and the handle from a door; to wake and ask an unusual question like ""You where put keys from the tractor?"" and so forth.

4. Involve imagination if your blessed itself is in draws actively interested and quite often amuses the relatives and fellow workers. Try on full force, connect all departments of your brain - as it is far more difficult to play the person informed on this subject. However the task will be facilitated if you make all as people usually take draws from network or books; yours - is original and it will be impossible to foresee it. Dare!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team