How to play with the child an interesting creative game ""Self-made Paints"

How to play with the child an interesting creative game ""Self-made Paints"

Children delighted with this game. It will not be boring even for mothers and fathers. If you like to be engaged in creativity with your child, surely play so, it will be pleasant to you.

It to be necessary for you:

- simple pencil

- sheets or a sketchbook - brushes

- bank with water

- empty molds or jars

For paints:

- flour - 1/2 St.

- salt - 1/2 tsps.

- vegetable oil - 2 tsps.

- spinach or other greens

- tomato paste

- turmeric of Kerob or cocoa

- berries  

- beet 

Suggest the kid to play an interesting game. Tell him the tale of the country of gnomes which the witch Chernobelka attacked. At the same time draw simple silhouettes of the city and gnomes - you will paint them then. The witch Chernobelka stole all colors from the city and the city became boring and colourless. Ask the kid - whether such city is pleasant to him? Suggest to help gnomes, to make paints independently and to paint their city that it became color and joyful.

In kitchen prepare a basis for paints - mix half a glass of flour, a pinch of salt and two teaspoons of vegetable oil. 

Prepare paints together with the child. For green paint small cut greens and crush it by means of the blender. If you have a spinach - wring out juice hands. Add a little basis from flour for uniformity.

For orange paint - mix a turmeric or a curry and the prepared basis. For brown paint - use kerob. For pink paint - crush berries through a sieve (any will approach: blackberry, blackcurrant and others). Burgundy paint will turn out from juice of polished beet. Do not forget to add a basis. For red paint the basis is not necessary - tomato paste and will be this red paint.

Prepare paints together, tell the child what are you doing. You can smell paints, tell from what they. Or let the kid will tell you about it. 

Paint the city of gnomes with the received paints. Let gnomes rejoice that their city became color and cheerful again. Kids very much like process of drawing and mixing of paints. And still they can be tasted very few people can keep from it! 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team