How to please darlings on St. Valentine's Day

How to please darlings on St. Valentine's Day

Treasured day for all loving hearts - St. Valentine's Day approaches! How to make it magic and unforgettable for both of you? There is a set of the ways - as checked and extreme and unusual. What will be suitable for you, we will understand right now!

On February 14, St. Valentine's Day was proved in our calendar long ago and strongly. Around the world this day the words of love in all languages sound. It is a remarkable occasion to express the feelings, to show to the darling as it is expensive to you. And the gift presented from the heart will symbolize purity and fortress of feelings, will please your elect or the darling. But what to give this day of love and romanticism? To choose the classical, checked option or to approach business creatively and creatively? For a start we will consider the most widespread gifts which millions of lovers around the world annually give each other.

Top 5 classical gifts for women:

- chocolate / candy;

- soft toys;

- perfume;

- flowers;

- jewelry.

Top 5 gifts to the man:

- perfumery sets;

- belt / tie;

- purse;

- car accessories;

- various circles / t-shirts / pants with festive subject.

It should be notedIt should be noted that a Valentine's Day card (a holiday symbol, it is rather an addition to a gift, than an independent gift).

There are both more original and unusual ways to make a declaration of love to the half. Among which:

- the gift made with own hands (it is possible to knit a scarf, to bake cake or cakes in the form of heart, to draw a card, to make a collage with your photos);

- unusual massage (for example, honey, weakening, with aromatic oils - a great way to express love through tactile feelings);

- the most unforgettable surprises: flight in the balloon, a joint campaign on karting, a master class of the passionate Argentina tango.

Among today's variety of various gifts, souvenirs and entertainments try to choose what will suit your soulmate. After all, you best of all know the darling, his tastes, hobbies and addictions therefore you will be able to make a right choice and to please it on this remarkable holiday! 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team