How to please the girlfriend

How to please the girlfriend

Not only men, but also and many women very often think of how it is possible to please the girlfriend. The old girlfriend can always find what to present. You already know its tastes, preferences. But how to please the friend who is not so close to you...


1. Buy the girlfriend an original gift. As a rule, the memorable and interesting gifts are always connected with the gone events or cheerful stories. For this purpose you can order the ridiculous photo of your girlfriend together with you applied on a mug or a plate, a t-shirt. This gift will always remind her of your warm attitude to her.

2. You can present to the girlfriend a cheerful figurine, a picture which will be able to take the worthy place in its apartment. If your girlfriend likes to take care of flowers, then present her some exotic plant with the ridiculous name. Also pay attention to various photoframework of interesting forms.

3. Make a surprise for the girlfriend with own hands. Bake pie, make a figure of paper, weave a wreath out of flowers. Such gift will precisely please! Or perhaps it lacks positive emotions, then buy the ticket at several o'clock of walk on horses. You can agree in a dolphinarium that your girlfriend swam for a while in the pool with a dolphin. You represent how she will be delighted!

4. Write chalk under its window that you love it and very much you appreciate. If means allow, then you can place the poster near her house with a congratulation (if it has a holiday).

5. Call the girlfriend to go to circus, a zoo or to amusement park. Give her pleasure - stay children. You can lease bicycles and the whole day it is simple to drive through the city.

6. Independently mount the movie on the computer. For this purpose use all available photos with your girlfriend and sign them according to events. Present the received movie to the girlfriend on a disk, she will be delighted. You can add any music to this movie or change it depending on display of photos. Think up the suitable title of the movie.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team