How to prepare the child for the birth of the brother or sister

How to prepare the child for the birth of the brother or sister

In family to appear the second child soon. It is necessary to prepare and adjust the senior child correctly.


1. It is necessary to report to the firstborn about the future event as it is possible more positively. Please the child that he will have a brother or the sister soon. Focus attention on good points, children will be able to play together, will become unseparable friends. Only when the child will accept news and will get used to it, it is possible to tell how to change life of all family members who them can wait for difficulty and change.

2. You speak about everything with the child openly. If he has questions, try to answer them immediately. Talk to the child about everything that interests him, let him completely participate in a joyful event.

3. Surround the firstborn with enough attention and love. Tell how tremblingly and joyfully waited for it emergence, and now likewise you expect the second baby. Repeat more often that its situation in family not to change, parents will always continue to love it also strongly.

4. Some parents face unwillingness of children to have the new brother or the sister. You should not be upset, persuade the child to accept news with pleasure. At first find out the reason of such behavior, try to get rid of the arisen obstacle and to dispel all fears of the child.

5. Let your firstborn participate in all podgotovka connected with the birth of the kid. Together discuss possible names for the child. By means of special literature, it is possible to show and tell how the child grows every month that occurs in its organism.

6. Allow the firstborn to participate in the choice of things for the newborn. Discuss with it purchases, be interested in his opinion, let him feel like the full-fledged participant of so significant event.

7. Allocate certain time for communication and pastime with the child. One of parents has to, in turn spend time with the firstborn. Let this rule will remain also after the birth of the second kid. So the senior child will not feel forgotten and unnecessary.

8. Make plans for the future. Dream with the child as together with the kid you will play, go for a walk, to buy toys, together with all family to be sent on leave. Let the new kid be represented to your firstborn more real. Try to direct more positive emotions to communication with the child and then he will look forward the brother, or the little sister.

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