How to present itself to the man

How to present itself to the man

Not far off holiday: anniversary, wedding anniversary, conclusion of the important transaction or something else. The man needs to give a gift, and it is important that he was desired, joyful and not too difficult. In this case it is possible to present himself! And if to exercise in delivery of this gift judgment, he will surely be satisfied.


1. It is simple to be wound with a ribbon and to meet darling at an entrance to the house — it is banal. It is necessary to beat these a situation so that he for a long time remembered it. For this reason it is worth treating preparation and the choice of the scenario responsibly. It is better to embody male erotic imagination which haunted it many years. Try to find out who to dream it at night: the stewardess in a short skirt, the nurse or the Little Red Riding Hood?

2. When the image is picked already up, it is necessary to think up a suit. The easiest way is to go to the sex shop. There now there are a lot of similar suits. And it is possible and to dream up independently. A suit basis — beautiful underwear. And everything that from above it is possible to make of improvised materials. Consider that if it is necessary to go outside in it, it is not necessary to do a suit too open and defiant not to draw attention. And still it is possible to change an image by means of a wig, for example, from the brunette to turn into the blonde. Men highly appreciate such changes very much.

3. The plot of history has to be interesting. The man needs to be intrigued in advance. In the necessary day call him in advance and tell that prepared the most unforgettable surprise. It is possible to hint that it erotic contents. The man will begin to anticipate evening entertainment in advance and to hurry to you. The intrigue needs to be held, do not spill the beans that waits for it.

4. Prepare surroundings. If you the nurse, buy the big syringe, a phonendoscope and some else devices. Arrange it medical examination. If you the fairy tale character, then it is possible to make for him a sketch, for example, as the Snow White grieves for the prince. The theater requires a curtain. But it is the simplest to arrange a striptease in this beautiful suit.

5. Dance needs to be prepared in advance. It is the simplest to carry out it with a chair. In front of the mirror rehearse movements, look how they look from outside. Music has to correspond to the hero. Choose lighting muffled that accidental difficulties and inaccuracies in movements did not draw attention.

6. The gift for the man is a romantic dinner, the weakening bathtub, beautiful music and candles. He together with the woman will take pleasure from communication. Also it will be surely flattered that all this is created for it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team