How to present the girl to parents

How to present the girl to parents

The decision to acquaint the girl with parents happens usually when you are ready to give to the relations some important status or to confirm gravity of your intentions. Most likely, your darling heard one thousand stories about quarrelsome fathers-in-law therefore it is necessary to try that she excessively did not worry about what will make an impression. Quite in your forces to make so that the girl and parents were fascinated with each other.

1. Prepare the girl and the parents for the forthcoming acquaintance. More depends on you what they will have the first impression about each other. Tell mother loved about the main hobbies and the father, about subjects which are better for not mentioning in a conversation, and about the facts of her life, in which parents are already devoted. If the girl wants to buy small gifts for your relatives, help her with the choice, you well know, than it is possible to surprise the senior generation.

2. Explain to parents that the girl means to you much and ask them to behave kindly irrespective of, they will like her or not. In brief describe habits and preferences of darling that relatives had at least an approximate idea of that with whom they should communicate. If your mother plans to make a dinner specially on this occasion, tell about tastes of the girl. Believe, parents want to make a pleasant impression on your darling too.

3. Present the girl and parents each other. Learn in advance and at once declare to the girlfriend as it is necessary to address your relatives: on a name middle name or less officially. Begin small talk which will help all to adapt to a situation. Gradually the conversation can be transferred to more personal subjects. Most likely, parents will want to get more information from the girl's life personally from it. You do not depart for a long time from darling to prevent possible unpleasant questions.

4. Control also the behavior. Try not to embrace the girl too frankly even if it is very difficult for you to constrain itself. The bad attitude of parents towards your darling can become result of such embraces. If you begin to show an initiative, relatives can think that the girl too available.

5. Try not to drag out acquaintance at several o'clock. The dinner and a small conversation will be quite enough, otherwise the company can get tired, this day is accompanied by big disorders. Surely take the girl home or to the taxi. Remember that the gravity of your relations means to parents much.

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