How to present to darling unforgettable evening

How to present to darling unforgettable evening

Feelings which violently develop at the very beginning of the relations cease over time. Meetings become more ordinary, there is almost no former romanticism left and pleasant nervousness. In that case the half which will remain in memory for a long time needs to give romantic party as a gift.


1. It is rather a little imagination to arrange an original meeting. Think up an unusual pretext and organize the promising invitation. In a subject pick up the corresponding surprise: small gift, souvenir. Will not prevent on a romantic rendezvous and a thing which create a magic situation: candles, light aromas, flowers. Having spent a little efforts and means, it is possible to organize unforgettable evening, as in the famous melodramas.

2. To arrange a romantic meeting in classical style, provide all nuances. Refined table layout with favourite dishes when blinking candles will create the atmosphere of the fairy tale. And if under light, slow music there is a hostess of evening in a smart dress and hair which otbleskivat in the light of sparks, then success is guaranteed. To be turned in easy dance with dear person and to forget about everything – what can be better?

3. The mysterious refinement of evening in Turkish will introduce special novelty in the relations. The aroma of spices, low openwork tables, picturesquely scattered bright pillows are a charm of the East. Mysteriously appear in a dress of the dancer and under incendiary east music execute dance to darling, full of fire and feelings.

4. Evening of memoirs will help to be adjusted on a lyrical harmony. Memorable bagatelles, photos, videos, and, of course, favourite music will help to embody nostalgic moods. Repeat the main moments of the first meeting: same dishes, the first dance. Return mentally those days, remember the smallest details and ridiculous situations.

5. Give the themed nights devoted to holidays that in to write them to the chronicle of the family relations. Celebrating on February 14 a St. Valentine's Day, create special fantastic evening as a gift. Prepare on April 1 a meeting with amusing surprises and tricks. And it is sometimes rather simple to dream and sit in an embrace in front of the TV, to watch favourite movies and to talk slowly. The main thing, be not tired to please each other with different lovely trifles, creating those memorable moments of life which develop in a uniform picture of happiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team