How to process documents on marriage

How to process documents on marriage

In our country the marriage represents voluntary free, at the same time the equal union of the woman and man founded on a monogamy (monogamy). Lawful the union of the man and woman is in case it has the state registration in bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE.

1. All documentation on marriage is made out in strict accordance with passport data of the people entering into alliance. If the groom and the bride are citizens of the Russian Federation, then it is possible to undergo the procedure of the state registration of marriage in any body of the REGISTRY OFFICE in the territory of the country. Obtaining the marriage certficate will demand time: file documents beforehand. Learn in what days and in what time the office of the REGISTRY OFFICE in which you with the half are going to get married is opened. As soon as there is an opportunity, go there to write a joint statement. Its sample you will be given directly in the REGISTRY OFFICE. You can also download it from network, independently unpack and fill. It is possible to fill fields of the statement with a usual ball or gel pen. Write all data is as much as possible legible: employees of the REGISTRY OFFICE will enter them in the marriage certficate subsequently.

2. When you submit the application for marriage, show the passports confirming the termination of the previous marriage (if the person was married earlier) documents and also permission to the introduction in a legal marriage (extends to minors).

3. For the state registration of marriage (including for issue of the marriage certficate) you will need to pay the state fee equal to one minimum wage. Take the receipt on payment when you go to write a joint statement. If you or your half cannot come to the REGISTRY OFFICE for submission of a joint statement, you can write separate applications. The signature of the person who cannot be in body of the REGISTRY OFFICE, assure notarially.

4. From the moment of submission of a joint statement before date of marriage usually there pass about 1 calendar months. Anyway, when you will submit a joint statement, solve with future husband (wife) to what date it is necessary to appoint day of a wedding. In day of registration of marriage you and your spouse will have to append the signature in the corresponding certificate. Attentively check whether everything data are true.

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