How to prolong love

How to prolong love

Even the most romantic and ardent relations begin to come to naught over time. Psychologists claim that the most passionate love is not able "to live" more than 3-4 years. Perhaps somehow it is possible to prolong a love charm for year, month, day, hour, and it is better for an indefinite term?


1. If not to take into account the relation by calculation where and so initially "blew as a cool", then the grandiose hormonal splash in an organism moving mankind on love madnesses and providing reproduction human can end sooner or later. During this period costs though for a while to be discharged, take off "pink glasses" and to try to see the real person.

2. If the relations were initially constructed on the basis of the principle "I run away, catch up with me", then "production" has to remain appetizing constantly because hardly anyone will want "to hunt" on the woman in hair curlers, the colorful stretched dressing gown, bezappelyatsionny notes in a voice and other "delights". Return of "presentation" and a playful spirit - a priority in this case.

3. Mutual trust and respect - the base without which the relations cannot exist. The main thing is not to play the prosecutor and the convict. If one person in another cannot accept something, then the second will start anew internally "to be closed", and over time to hit back. Try to perceive the partner such what he is not what you want to see it.

4. Lovely whims and a game in eternally defenseless being begin to bother over time too. To the same extent it concerns both women, and men. The man cannot be the eternal father at the eternal child, and the woman - Mother Teresa saving every minute it "unlucky, shy, indecisive …" - options not to consider. Plaintive moaning will begin to irritate sooner or later. Try to become more independent and stop "to hang up" on the elect (darling) all the problems in hope that so he (at it) will not have time and forces on unfaithfulness.

5. Find common interests, a hobby. It does not mean that you are obliged to jump with a parachute if it most of all carries away your partner. But are simply obliged to understand this subject. Of course, in case hobbies of darling cause in you the same passion, but not attacks of panic or rejection. The falseness will be felt at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team