How to prove the love to the man

How to prove the love to the man

When people love each other, not only overflows with their time happiness, but also gnaws doubt: whether really they cause such strong feelings in other party? Perhaps, it only pretense? Especially emotional persons really suffer, literally throw the partner with questions: "And you indeed love me? And how it is strong?" As to arrive to girls? In what ways to show to the guys that their feelings it is sincere? And how far it is possible to come here?


1. First of all, properly remember: the guy respecting himself will forgive to the darling a lot of things, but it does not mean at all that his patience is boundless! 99% of guys hate when girls raise on them the voice. For them it is inexcusable insult. Therefore if you really love the guy, try to behave. Always, especially in those "days".

2. God forbid to compare it to the former gentlemen! For any normal guy the thought that someone to him was dear to you, is simply intolerable. Even if you then had also no hint on intim.

3. Do not think that only women "are auditory". Too it is pleasant to guys to hear compliments in the address. It is known that "the kind word and a cat is pleasant" what to speak about your young man!

4. Remember wise, checked for centuries, the truth: "the way to heart of the man lies through a stomach!" If you not only are able to prepare well, but also especially for it will master some especially tasty dish, he will be simply happy.

5. Of course, to demand that you were not jealous at all, fondly. But, again, everything is good moderately. If the person is really loved, then to him, first, trust, and secondly, do not do that it is unpleasant to it. Believe, from scenes of jealousy of the man, to put it mildly, is not enraptured!

6. The question of "proof" of love for the guy by sex is closely connected with the previous point. If at you did not reach intim yet – here to solve only to both of you. But if you are brought up in strict rules of type: "not earlier than the wedding", or you simply do not want to resort to such "proofs", remember that nobody has the right to force you. If the guy categorically insists on the, without reckoning with your desires and feelings. here already just right to ask a question: "And whether really he loves you?"

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team