How to purify air in the apartment

How to purify air in the apartment

of air in the apartment – the obligatory sanitary and hygienic action allowing to keep an organism from influence of external factors of the environment for prevention of various diseases. And as and always, some rules in a subject!

  • Smoking in the bosom of the family – the frequent phenomenon among families of the former Soviet Union and therefore if those are available, then it is worth asking to smoke only in certain places – balconies, at an entrance or on the street. Never allow to smoke in living rooms, in kitchen and the more so in the bathroom and toilet rooms!
  • If you in the house or the apartment have fireplaces, then let they will be electric, but not wood as the last cause charcoal smoke which negatively influences a condition of a respiratory system.
  • Fight against ticks who perhaps live in bed accessory – an obligatory action for prevention of allergic diseases. Such wreckers like to live in down pillows and feather-beds therefore it is recommended to use other basis or to process them special solutions. It is recommended to erase covers several times a month.
  • When using modern means for washing and processing of ware it is necessary to use protective masks and gloves which will save you from various chemical defeats which can long not be shown time, and then cause a chronic disease of skin and a respiratory system.
  • In general, pets – one of the first causes of allergic reactions therefore it is necessary to consider these factors. Whether it is worth getting animals – to solve already to you, but nevertheless act so – wash hands after contact with pets, often you wash their wool, remove traces of their toilet and often you carry out damp cleaning.
  • Use fans, conditioners and other humidifiers for airing of rooms.
  • Flowers – the excellent natural air purifier which will secure the internal environment against various hazardous substances soaring in air.
  • When cooking always close a door in kitchen as thermolyses and some hazardous substances are allocated from gas stoves, ovens and other things of cooking. Always use an extract, it is necessary for air clarification.

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