How to put to the place of the boor?

How to put to the place of the boor?

Daily the person faces different people, and many similar meetings leave behind unpleasant feelings, and all because of impudence and rudeness. It can happen anywhere, for example, in transport, at work, in cafe and just on the street. For this reason it is important to know how to put the gone too far person into place and not to provoke the serious conflict. The most important at contact with the rude fellow is not to copy his behavior. It is necessary to consider that aggression and panic, it what he wants to achieve therefore it is worth working in a different way.

How to put the boor into place?

Reaction to inadequate behavior has a direct bearing on a situation and the status of the person who is rude. Let's consider the main options how to put the boor into place at work and in other situations:

  1. If the person who is at work, for example, some official or the waiter, the first that needs to be made – to ask to be presented, call the phone number or the place where there is a management and if there is an opportunity is rude, then you ask the complaint book.
  2. When are rude in the public place, for example, in the tram or in turn, it is the best of all not to react to the person, to thereby show the good breeding. An effective way to put the boor into place and to make him silent – to stare to it in eyes, to be exact at a nose bridge. If the rude fellow sees that the rival a clever look looks at it, but at the same time behaves quietly, he will become silent rather and itself will leave.
  3. If familiar people or relatives are rude, then it is necessary to ask them a direct question that led to similar reaction. In most cases the person understands what a little not in that party brought him and itself smoothes the conflict.

In all above-considered situations it is possible to use universal reaction which will put in the boor's stupor – humour. Having reacted to roughness some joke, the person not only will discourage the opponent, but also will prevent the conflict.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team