How to put to the place of the subordinate?

How to put to the place of the subordinate?

Very often those who for the first time appeared at the head's position face a problem of relationship with subordinates. If the head is much younger, than his subordinates and has no such experience as they, but its education gives it the chance to be the head, then with collective anyway, but there will be problems. Someone from collective can be allocated. For example, to ignore instructions or to be late often. There will also be a question how to put to the place of the subordinate.

How it is correct to put the person into place?

  1. First of all what you should not do, so it to raise the voice, using the high position.
  2. It is necessary to define its functions for each employee of collective, to approve them by the order, to unpack and acquaint everyone under painting. It is worth issuing the order in which it will be specified that in case of absence any of employees, all others undertake to carry out their duties.
  3. To determine time on which it is possible to be late for work in case of unforeseen circumstances. For example, it is possible to be late no more, than for 15 minutes. And in case of delay the employee has to write explanatory. And in case of frequent delay the head has full authority to lower or deprive of the employee of material encouragement.
  4. To understand how to put into place the subordinate's upstart, also such way is recommended. To fix all cases statements or memos. Let's say if the employee asks for leave from work, then he is obliged to write the application which will not be shown anywhere, but for the head will be the cause for deprivation of an award, in case of abuse.
  5. That the nobility how to put to the place of the employee, it is necessary to remember the last rule: weekly or monthly to hold planning meetings on which the analysis of the work performed by collective will become. Also here it will be possible to distribute duties. The one who will neglect the duties will be subjected to public condemnation.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team