How to re-educate parents

How to re-educate parents

At some point the person begins to understand that he already matured, and parents treat him, as the three-year-old child. Excessive care and attention can not just irritate, but to become the cause of the conflicts and misunderstandings. It is better to be engaged in re-education of parents as soon as the first signs of their "replaying" appear. Most often they can be noticed when the age of the child is 14-15 years.


1. Define for yourself what you want from parents. What they have to be that you felt to yourself comfortably? The most part of problems with parents is based that they do not see in you the adult, you will always remain for them a child, be to you 20 or 50 years. Imagine ideal model of relationship in family, but consider the fact that it has to be realistic, otherwise, at you nothing will leave.

2. Analyze the behavior. Perhaps, you also give a reason to the senior generation to think that you will not be able independently to decide that for you it is good, and that not really. Put yourself to the place of parents. Think what is not pleasant to them in your behavior. It is quite probable that if you exclude the moments irritating them, then receive more freedom.

3. Pass from thoughts to business. Whatever strange it seemed, but do not resist their manuals. Do everything as they speak. If they do not release you somewhere, next time come home to time; call back when they ask; do not forget to carry out their instructions. When parents see that you are capable to satisfy adequately their requests, they will concern you as to the adult, and through any time of a question of a trip somewhere will not even rise. They will be sure that nothing happens to you.

4. Be not afraid to talk to parents. Participate in their talk, express the opinion, consult on them. Gradually show them that you understand what it is about that on you it is impossible just to wave a hand and to refer to the fact that "it is adult problems".

5. Reason all the actions. Try to explain to parents why you arrive quite so, but not differently. Ask them to get up on the place, ask what would be made by them, having appeared in your situation. Remind them of their youth, take an interest whether they behaved as demand from you.

6. Do not blackmail parents and do not do anything to them "on the evil". It will only provoke the conflicts and nothing good from this at you will leave. Thereby you will show that you are not ready to behave adequately and that else you need parental guardianship.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team