How to react to unplanned arrival of guests

How to react to unplanned arrival of guests

To be honest, nobody loves uninvited and unexpected guests, but with them it is necessary to do something, to feed them, to entertain and in general to behave as much as possible secular.

The unexpected guest is worse than the Tatar

As a rule, uninvited guests find you at scary inopportune moment – you were going to take a bath, settled in front of the TV in a pajamas with a cup of tea … And here knock at the door. Even if you are not ready to receive guests at all, it is necessary to pull a smile on duty on the person, otherwise there is a probability to spoil the relations.

Usually similar situations happen in days when in the fridge it is absolutely empty. In a similar situation reproach comers that they did not warn that they are going to come therefore except tea/coffee and cookies they will be able to receive nothing.

If guests run in lunch time, it is possible to treat them with soup or what you were going to have dinner. Portions can be not too big, but these are costs. If you have the minimum set of products, make omelet or salad, it will take a little time, and with guarantee will feed guests. If there is at all no opportunity to potter in kitchen, treat guests with fruit, sweets or sandwiches. The beautiful tea or coffee service exposed on a table will help to compensate an unpleasant deposit.

If guests are dissatisfied with something, it is not your problem

The disorder in the house (if, of course, you are not a maniacal adherent of purity) is inevitable. So first of all after knock it is necessary to estimate mess level at a door. Suit guests in front of the TV, or just seat them in the room where it is possible to turn on the music, and wash dishes meanwhile, remove things or just make toilet.

You should not treat unexpected guests with alcohol, it will seriously drag out their stay at your place.

After elimination of a mess it is possible to try to entertain guests. As a rule, the polite conversation on subjects interesting to all attendee appears enough. In some cases it is possible to occupy guests with board or verbal game. You do not look in the course of the conversation at the watch, it is inhospitable. Wait until guests leave, and come back to the affairs.

You keep in the freezer especially for such cases couple of frozen pizzas, pies, packages of mixed vegetables. It is possible to feed with them guests in emergency situation.

Sometimes it is necessary to refuse to uninvited guests an expected visit. Business can be at in advance made appointment, repair or a rehearsal to important events. In this case explain to friends that the moment is not suitable for a visit, and agree about a meeting in other day. It is not necessary to worry that can take offense at you. In a situation with uninvited guests at your threshold you are right.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team