How to reconcile with darling

How to reconcile with darling

In family life everything is not always smooth. The cause of a quarrel and quarrel between darlings can become anything. However after negative emotions are splashed out, and the anger cooled down, there is a wish to restore the normal relations. To reconcile with darling, it is necessary to take the first step correctly.

For a start forgive the darling for everything that he told or did. Then remember all the incorrect actions and mentally ask forgiveness for unseemly acts. Understand that life is too short to spend it for quarrels and experiences after them.

Instead of phone call and banal "Forgive. I was not right", send the SMS. Write it prose or in verses. It is possible to use lyrics with which romantic memoirs are connected. Write the "crown phrase" after which he will surely smile. Include imagination, try to reach that he answered. If the answer did not follow, but you know that the message is delivered, send one more. Give it such pleasure.

Use e-mail, send it a card. Most likely, your beloved worries too so warm words will be by the way. He will by all means lightened the mood, now he knows that everything is good, and you went for reconciliation. By the evening everything by all means will get better. If you listen to one radio station, try to phone there and to order "your" song, having added several kind pleasant words to its address. Arrange a romantic dinner in the evening or hang out on all apartment of a note with pleasant phrases. Put the love letter under its pillow. Holding preventive actions for conflict prevention between you has to become the following step after reconciliation. For example, together think up the password. When any of you begins to quarrel, it will be necessary to cry out it and to both to become silent for a minute. After that it is possible to continue a quarrel, but as practice shows, there is no wish to quarrel any more. Agree that having quarreled, you have to reconcile in the evening and sleep in embraces of each other. Do surprises each other, you appreciate, you love and respect each other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team