How to reconcile with the girlfriend after the strong quarrel

How to reconcile with the girlfriend after the strong quarrel

Friendship of two women plays very important role in their life therefore women appreciate the girlfriends and spend with them a lot of free time. But often it happens so that one blurt or a rash act can destroy mutual understanding between you. How to return the friendly relations and to reconcile with the close girlfriend if she does not forgive you or completely refuses communication and also how to convince the girlfriend to admit the guilt — further in article.

How to reconcile with the girlfriend after the quarrel if I am guilty

During the quarrel with the loved one we are often overflowed by emotions therefore we can not always objectively assess a situation and feel offense. But when emotions cease, we can understand that we are guilty of the happened quarrel and offended the interlocutor by the own words or acts.

In this case for restoration of the former friendly relations it is necessary to show patience and to admit the guilt. That the girlfriend forgave you quicker, it is necessary to have courage to take the first step to reconciliation, to be at the correct loss for words of apology and to understand the causes of the arisen conflict.

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Take the first step

If you are responsible for a quarrel, then for correction of a situation you should take the first step. The girlfriend has to see that you want to reconcile with her and take for this purpose necessary actions. To take the first step to restoration of your relations, it is possible to perform such operations:

  • show it the desire to reconcile — call or write to the girlfriend, suggesting to meet;
  • tell that you very much value such friendship and you want to do everything possible that it continued;
  • invite her to meet you in time, convenient for it, to apologize personally;
  • remember some of the most pleasant moments which you endured with it together, and hope that she will forgive you.

Ask forgiveness

If you are guilty of the incident, then it is impossible to wait for apologies from the girlfriend. In this case it is necessary to ask forgiveness of the first, despite pride. If you sincerely want to keep your friendship, then will be able to cross through the character, and your interlocutor will surely estimate it.

It is important! To be at suitable loss for words for apology, mentally return to a quarrel and put yourself to the place of the girlfriend. It will help to understand better her emotions at that moment and to be at the most appropriate contrite words.

It is possible to apologize to it by means of such phrases:

  1. I know that I offended your feelings, and I am very sorry. If you forgive me, I will never try to make such mistake any more.
  2. We are on friendly terms with you many years, and I would not want because of one my foolish act our relations forever to stop. How to me to make friends with you again?.
  3. You became very loved one for me. I want to know how to us to reconcile, and is ready to do everything possible to regain your trust.
  4. Sorry, that I made such act. To me it is very sad without you and I very strongly want to reconcile.
  5. We always shared with you with each other all experiences and emotions. After we quarreled, I very much lack communication with you. Forgive that I offended you.

Admit the guilt

It is always difficult to person to recognize the mistakes, but if you really value your relations, then you will be able to cross through the character and to pacify unnecessary pride. To show to the person that you admit the guilt and you want to reconcile, it is necessary to perform such operations:

  • express a sincere regret about the behavior and recognize that were wrong;
  • if you precisely know in what time your girlfriend stays at home one, then it is possible to arrive to her and quietly to ask it to listen to you;
  • explain that you understand depth of her offense at you, and ask how you can make amends;
  • if the person first rejects your attempts of reconciliation, show patience, but do not bother it too strongly — it can cause a bigger feeling of irritation in relation to you.

Remove the cause of a quarrel

Any quarrel between two women is always caused by a certain reason. Not always interlocutors state it each other aloud, but it is necessary to establish what provoked the conflict. If not to understand the cause of a quarrel, then it can cause disagreements between you in the future again.

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The main reasons for disagreements between girlfriends are listed below:

  1. Imprudence in statements. The unsuccessful attempt to pin up the interlocutor or an inappropriate sharp statement about it can cause personal offense. Tell it that you did not want to offend her feelings and further you will be more careful in the expressions.
  2. Disagreements because of the man. Sometimes it seems to the woman that the girlfriend coquets with her elect and tries to tempt him. Irrespective of, there were you as jealous or fell a victim of unfair charges, it is necessary to wait some time and to calm down. After that it will turn out to look soberly at a situation and to estimate, than you provoked the conflict. Then it is possible to contact the girlfriend and to talk quietly about it.
  3. Imposing of the opinion. Each person has the right to the point of view and to claim that only your opinion, incorrectly is right. It is possible to express the view of the discussed issue, but do not forget to listen to the interlocutor and you are respectful to her arguments even if you consider them incorrect.
  4. Appearance of the third woman. Sometimes your girlfriend unexpectedly begins to meet more often with her, and you feel that she threw you. There are also return situations when the second girlfriend appears at you — you cannot find for old friendship as much time as earlier. Anyway you need to meet together and to quietly discuss a situation. On the one hand, it is possible to try to explain to the interlocutor that each person is free to be on friendly terms with whom he wants. On the other hand, it is possible to agree about spending with each other a little more time.
  5. Envy to each other. At the same time as the envious woman there can be also you, and your girlfriend. Never you should brag too to her of the achievements or new things, to show in communication superiority over the interlocutor or indulgent tone in relation to her. If you envy, then sort out the reasons of this phenomenon. Be engaged in personal growth, you seek to become successful and never show to the girlfriend the envy.
  6. Existence of a monetary debt. When the woman borrows some sum of money from the girlfriend, and then does not return it, it can lead to a rift in relations. If as the debtor you act, then try to return as soon as possible money to the person who helped out you at the difficult moment. If the girlfriend does not repay you a debt, then delicately and truthfully tell her that friends do not act this way, and debts need to be repaid.

Make a surprise

Good way to make amends before the woman and to please it is the organization of a surprise. It can be some pleasant trifle which you can present it, or preparation of an unexpected and full-fledged action.

Important! After reconciliation try to forget about your disagreements and never remind the girlfriend of her bad act. If she realized the mistake, then will not repeat it therefore reproaches will be of you inappropriate.

For reconciliation in the similar way it is possible to carry out such actions:

  • send it a bouquet of its favourite flowers, a lovely soft toy or any other thing which precisely will be pleasant to it;
  • the easiest way to apologize, having arranged a surprise — to buy cake and a bottle of champagne, and then to arrive to it;
  • if you have a material opportunity, it is possible to buy two tickets for a concert of her favorite band and to suggest to go there together;
  • with imagination and creative approach to the organization of any action it is possible to prepare a small holiday, having invited to it your mutual friends;
  • it is possible to come to it in the morning under windows with an armful of balloons or to write the short words of apology on asphalt. It will surely raise at it a smile and will adjust it kindly in relation to you.

If you are sure of what your girlfriend would like to receive, can use this method of reconciliation. She will estimate what you wanted to make by it pleasant, and will listen to your apologies.

What to do to reconcile if she is guilty

If your girlfriend quarreled with you, then you should not plead guilty at all. Friendship means the equal status of both women and if one of them does not want to recognize the obvious mistakes, then it is worth thinking of need of continuation of such friendship seriously.

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To reconcile in such situation, it is recommended to follow simple advice:

  • do not shift to yourself fault for its act — thus your girlfriend can manipulate you and use your unreasonable sense of guilt against you;
  • expecting apologies from the girlfriend, stock up with a friendly spirit. She has to see that you are ready to forgive her after she sincerely apologizes and realizes the mistake;
  • to push the girlfriend to apologies, it is possible to publish your general photo in social network or to place on the page the thematic status which will show it that you do not want to lose such friend;
  • never tell secrets of your girlfriend to other people even if she swore with you and you very much are angry with her. When emotions cease, you will regret that you revealed its secrets the stranger. And if she learns about it, then you can quarrel again, but you will already be responsible for the conflict;
  • if you are completely sure that responsible for your quarrel will not be able long to show pride and will surely show desire to reconcile, then it is possible not to take the first steps;
  • if time goes, and the girlfriend does not want to apologize and keeps unperturbable silence, it is possible to take the first step. Call and agree about a meeting, and then ask it to express the first. If she really wants to reconcile with you, then will not do the offended look and willingly will go for contact;
  • when the girlfriend apologizes to you for the behavior, allow it to express. Then share the experiences and explain as far as you were offended by such act. It will help your interlocutor to draw conclusions from such situation and to prevent its repetition.

How to reconcile with the girlfriend on correspondence?

If your girlfriend took offense seriously, does not want to meet you and to answer your calls, then it is possible to try to reconcile with her on correspondence. For this purpose it is possible to use social networks (VK, Facebook, Instagram), chats and the SMS.

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The basic rules of reconciliation by means of correspondence are listed below:

  • you monitor the page of the girlfriend on social networks, estimate her photos and publications, leave comments. All these actions have to show your goodwill and the fact that you very much appreciate your friendship;
  • write to the interlocutor the non-registered and sincere letter, trying to express quietly in it the point of view and to offer ways for your reconciliation;
  • even if the person does not respond to your messages, do not stop trying to restore friendship;
  • congratulate her on holidays, send pleasant wishes and you share your general pleasant memories. Sooner or later it will lead to the fact that you will start over again approaching and your friendship will be resumed;
  • it is impossible to be too persuasive or to be humiliated before the interlocutor — it can only push away her and will show that you do not respect yourself. In any situations it is necessary to keep the advantage and self-esteem;
  • sending the girlfriend messages, try not to accuse her, and try to suggest it to analyze in common a situation and to find a solution of the arisen conflict.

How to reconcile with the best friend if she does not want to communicate?

If both of you really value the friendship, then desire of reconciliation will be mutual. But at first after the quarrel we are overflowed by strong emotions because of what it is be sensibly difficult to argue — therefore the girlfriend can refuse to make contact and to stop communicating with you. Even in such difficult case the reconciliation is possible if to follow the following recommendations:

  • give each other time to calm down — when the offense will cease, both of you will be able to estimate the incident objectively;
  • suggest to meet and talk personally — it is much better, than to be reconciled by phone or with the offended look to wait from the girlfriend of the first step;
  • if the interlocutor ignores your messages and calls, then you should not despair — perhaps, her emotions yet not absolutely ceased and she needs more time to calm down and soberly to assess a situation;
  • it is impossible to discuss with others behavior of the girlfriend with whom you are at odds. Your relations can be discussed only with each other, and to criticize it in the presence of others inadmissibly;
  • it is not recommended to attract other friends and acquaintances to somehow to reconcile you. They can begin to discuss your quarrel or to play a trick on you about it that will obviously not do good to your relations.

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After any quarrel it is important to show wisdom and to find in itself courage to try to restore the relations. Good friends — a big rarity therefore it is impossible to refuse with ease communication with the person who can understand you best of all.

Using the councils listed in our article, you will be able to choose the most suitable way of reconciliation with the girlfriend and to restore your kind relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team