How to recover feelings

How to recover feelings

Over the years often there is a cooling in feelings between married couples. The people who are once loving and caring about each other become suddenly foreign and far. That from the dying-away sparkle of the family relations fire blazed, both need to make as much as possible efforts.


1. If you see that you further and further became with the spouse from each other though you are in one room, then it is necessary to take the initiative. The woman as the personality more romantic and creative, can manage to reconstruct the relations on the necessary harmony with the husband. First, it is necessary to sort out the reason of such relations to each other. What can not suit the husband in you, or you in him. But begin with yourself. What you for the spouse now. The woman in a boring dressing gown, in slippers of five-year prescription and with hair curlers on the head. It is unlikely your husband accepts your house appearance. Please yourself with a new sexual house attire, style beautifully hair, make manicure. Force your husband to be jealous you.

2. Make for it a surprise: give house romantic party by candlelight, put on elegantly, be for it this evening the most charming woman in the world.

3. After a dinner it is possible to execute belly dance for the spouse. Undoubtedly, it will remain delighted with your idea. Or, for women of more courageous, it is possible to suit the spouse dance with undressing – a striptease to the sound of music from the movie "Nine and a Half Weeks".

4. In the intimate sphere it is possible to change something too. If you feel that you were obsessed with the same poses, then be not afraid to tell the spouse about their change. For certain, he will only be glad to such news. And in general more with the husband you speak, do not hesitate. He is not a psychic that without words to learn your desires. Experiment more. Role-playing games with suits and attributes definitely will bring peppercorn in your love relations.

5. You spend with the husband time together as much as possible. Become for it the loyal and authoritative friend without whose council it will not be able to exist. Remember what united you with the spouse that most of all you loved in each other. Perhaps it is simple to play the fool as children, or seriously to discuss political problems. You descend all family on fishing or soccer, and then be engaged in shopping, go skating or rollers. After your actions, the spouse definitely will not want to be restored to former monotonous and gray life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team