How to refuse an appointment to the guy

How to refuse an appointment to the guy

Unfortunately, not each guy has excessive insight and ability to intuitively feel that the girl against further communication and development of the relations. If the offer to go on a date does not cause in you positive emotions, it is necessary to refuse to the boyfriend correctly and correctly.


1. Do not avoid a conversation with the guy. Problems should be solved, but not to leave from them. Show the respect for the young man. Frankly talk to it. It is better to make it not by phone, and alone. The person has to see your emotions live that he was convinced of your honesty and sincerity. Because very often girls numerous refusals try to warm interest in the person.

2. Quietly explain to the young man that you will not accept his invitation. You should not say that you already have a beloved who if something happens will put the careless admirer into place. Tell that your heart is already occupied by other person, and these feelings are mutual. These words are capable to cool the hottest interest of the young man.

3. Refuse so that not to seed also a shadow of doubt in the boyfriend's soul. If you somehow show uncertainty in correctness of the act, the guy at once will feel it and will regard as a good omen, a peculiar flirtation or a game. Do not give to it a reason to doubt your true desires. Forget about feeling of pity and do not give in on its requests.

4. If to an appointment you are invited by the ex-husband or the boyfriend, but you are not going to come back to the past, tell it about it directly. Explain that are not ready to repeat the mistakes and you do not believe in revival of the died-away feelings and also restoration of former trust. Tell that you lead new life and are quite happy with it. Focus attention that you to it feel nothing. Most likely, at your former beloved of feeling to you are still alive, otherwise he would not try to restore your relations. Therefore will hear from you refusal to it offensively and sick. Not if you are loved, and you cannot reciprocate to the person, you should not sacrifice yourself and "to step on an old rake".

5. Do not express too openly the antipathy, do not push away the guy and do not offend him. The refusal in an appointment should not mean the termination of all relations surely. Keep them at the previous level. Having tactfully refused to the boyfriend, you keep trust of the person and will not fall in his eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team