How to refuse to relatives the invitation

How to refuse to relatives the invitation

The most important event in life – day of a wedding is necessary to you. All cares and dreams are connected now to spend this top-level day. And, there's nothing to be done, not always unfamiliar relatives whom you last time saw at five-year age fit into idea of an ideal. To avoid family problems, it is necessary to refuse to the family the invitation tactfully.

It is required to you

  • Patience, wisdom, tactfulness


1. With usamikak the popular wisdom, he who pays the piper calls the tune says. Therefore it is the simplest in this situation to the newlyweds who undertook completely or mostly financial security of a celebration. After drawing up the list of guests (which for several months will manage to undergo significant changes) will come it is time to hand invitations. Most likely, parents, having received a card with the weaved rings, will ask whether you will call the aunt Larisa (the uncle Kolya, the woman to Paradise). If presence of these relatives is not in your plans, to answer decently: "We will be glad to receive congratulations by phone". Refer to limitation of the budget and desire to celebrate a wedding quietly, in the company of the closest.

2. Mother bad not posovetuyettrudny when the wedding budget was divided among themselves by parents. In this case it is necessary to agree with their presence of father's partners and mother's girlfriends of the childhood. However, the attempt to tactfully explain to parents that this your family celebration is not forbidden. The following psychological trick can work: you are grateful to parents for the shown care and want that they on your general holiday have properly a rest and have fun, but also forces on care of other guests did not spend all the time.

3. If becomes ripe skandalva you have full authority to demand absence at a wedding of relatives with whom you frankly did not have relations. Admit to parents that you are afraid of scandal from not too reliable (or abusing alcohol) persons. Most likely, will agree with your arguments and will not begin to risk tranquility of other guests.

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