How to regain the trust of the husband

How to regain the trust of the husband

Love, trust and respect – a basis of good relations in family. The lie, mistrust, unwillingness to hear and understand each other destroy family. Treason only aggravates situation and alienates spouses farther and farther. The incorrectness causes intolerable pain, feeling of hopelessness and desire everything to destroy … How to regain the trust of the husband?


1. Understand that life is difficult, often unpredictable and full of temptations to which all have to be ready. The love, treachery, trust or mistrust, treason and many other things is all this laws of the human relations, laws of life. Treason is the next stage in development of the relations. This most difficult stage needs to be worried together. It is that line after which spouses or will learn to understand feelings of each other, and it will rally them, or will understand that the relations sputtered out and they need new. Be not engaged in excessive self-criticism, and try to understand a situation.

2. Be consecutive. If made something bad, then be ready to be responsible for the act. Ask forgiveness even if to you it was good with other man. Break off the relations with that person, not just promise, and break off. You want to regain the trust – stop to deceive.

3. Sometimes it is necessary to postpone showdowns. Let's the spouse endure and show an emotional shock. You do not hurry and do not force events, begin with gradual rapprochement. Understand that to the one to whom changed who was betrayed, much more painfully and heavier.

4. Consider everything and be convinced that both of you need these relations that reconciliation is possible and that you want it both. The loving people will always be able to understand each other. Treason at all not necessarily is sign of ""dislike"".

5. You speak with the spouse. It is necessary to learn to tell the husband even about very unpleasant things, they torment us. Believe, it is not so difficult. And you and the man need to learn to speak and listen. Not to judge, not to accuse, not "to paste labels", and to try to understand and help. To listen, understand, accept not only the joyful, but also unpleasant moments. Together analyze the reasons that pushed you to this act. Treason of people shows to the partner that there are problems in the relations, something does not arrange in the partner or his behavior. Only having understood what disturbs you, disturbs, makes the life of you miserable, it is possible to learn to arrive reasonably, and, therefore, to build further the relation.

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