How to regain the trust of the husband after treason

How to regain the trust of the husband after treason

In life there are various situations. Sometimes the strong and organic relations appear under the threat because someone from couple made a serious mistake. Contrary to a widespread stereotype of the wife change the husbands rather often. After that regain the trust of darling it can be very difficult.


1. Most of men are capable of compassion and forgiveness, they can forgive treason, but for this purpose they need really serious reason. You should not even think of bargaining with the husband, promising him concessions or special attention. Of course, you should go on compromises to alleviate his pain and anger, but first of all it is necessary to ask forgiveness. And it is necessary to make it sincerely and submissively. Do not try to accuse at this moment it of last acts, do not justify, you do not say to it that your treason turned out to be consequence of its some acts, do not demand from it changes. It is quite misleading. Try to speak from heart, it is quiet also without anguish. Do not try to beg and elicit forgiveness as it will not lead to anything good. Remember that you have a chance to ask forgiveness even after the rough quarrel, but do not hope that in this case everything will pass smoothly. Be ready to a long conversation.

2. All those promises which you are ready to give to the husband should be executed. Otherwise it will not turn out to keep remnants of trust in your relations. Stop communication with the man with which you fooled around. Minimize communication with other men not to cause the jealousy, alas, justified from the husband. Think what concessions you are ready to make to regain the trust of the husband.

3. The main thing — you should not wait for fast reaction. Offenses need time to cease. If you well know the husband, give him necessary time to depart from a shock. But be ready that he will always remember your treachery, it anyway will affect your relations. Consider that not each man can endure treason of the beloved, in certain cases the relations just will not manage to be adjusted.

4. Do not consider that restoration of the relations after similar shocks is only your business. Ask the help for the husband, talk to him, be defined how your further joint life will look. Consider that if you have to apologize for the mistake for years, and your husband forever will remain for you as the accuser, to sense from such relations will not be. Any large quarrel will break balance between you as to you will remember all sins. If for your husband your offense becomes in the way to control your life, it is worth leaving it as the relations constructed on this principle not to save any more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team