How to release darling

How to release darling

Parting - process always painful. And, strangely enough it sounds, painful for both parties. How to endure parting and to begin to live happily? Not an idle question, especially for women as they are by nature more emotional. How to release darling if feelings were rather serious? Let's try to approach a question analytically.


1. Try to follow advice of psychologists even if you are completely sure at present that your unearthly passion with the others has nothing in common. As it is banal sounds, but it is your, subjective, a look. Actually in the relations of floors everything is studied and taken under control long ago. Believe, not you the first in such situation. And life on parting did not end. Therefore if there is desire to condole and cry, allow for this purpose strictly certain time. But it is no more than a week. After that begin to act strictly according to the instruction.

2. Do not try to renew the relations, to look for meetings with the former beloved.

3. The first that you need to make, it to remove about an eye down with everything that can remind of it. Put and remove far away, till the best times, your general things. Erase its number in the phone. If wants, itself will call and itself will find. And to you these temptations to anything.

4. The second point of your plan - revaluation of values. Make the list of all its shortcomings. Do not feel sorry for black paint, remember to it everything. Having picked to pieces to the being, be accepted to yourself. On other leaflet write the complete list of the advantages. And now compare two of these lists. Of course, you should not take this ritual very seriously. But after all it will help you to realize your value as persons. You will understand that that the man threw you, you did not become worse. Also left you not because you thick or ugly. In most cases the man himself is not able to explain the gap reason. And to you these rebuses to anything and even less so.

5. The first you already took couple of steps to new life. Now it is a high time to plan the further life. Plan to yourself big changes. Nothing so distracts from the past as the rough present. Now you absolutely free woman, and you had more free time. For certain, you have some unrealized plans. Now it is a high time to start their realization. Plan in detail, how exactly you will carry out the desirable. If you consider that there are not enough money for implementation of the plan, look for ways to earn.

6. One more good way to distract from own problems, will plunge into problems others. Only it is not necessary to do it by continuous practice. Everything is good moderately.

7. You do not hurry to begin the new relations. Take a timeout. Everything is good in its season. Now you need just to find composure. Do not avoid communication with men. Meet, flirt, coquet. You do not treat men as enemies, at such approach you risk to remain alone for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team