How to remain friends with the guy

How to remain friends with the guy

The romantic relations, unfortunately, often come to an end with a serious conversation at the end of which the offer to leave sounds. Guys seldom seek to keep the friendly relations with the girl with whom they cannot have sex – such is their nature. Therefore in other plane the girl has to undertake work on convertion of the relations.


1. Estimate whether friendship is possible between you. If your relations with the guy were based only on passion and sex, after parting you will hardly be able to become friends - most likely, after several passionate "recurrence" of the relations you will finally quarrel. But if your relationship was properly warm, sincere and open – you have a chance to remain friends.

2. Leaving, behave correctly, adequately and culturally. Do not offend the guy, do not try to do much harm to him or to go into a hysterics. Constrain yourself even if to you is what to tell. Forgive the guy – it is necessary for preservation of the friendly relations, tell it that he remarkable, but to you is better to leave.

3. If your beloved became the initiator of a gap, do not try to begin to sort out the relations – guys of it very much do not love. Reproaches and claims you will only enrage him and finally miss chance to receive the good friend. You want to speak – make it alone or write the letter which needs to be destroyed then.

4. Do not try to use friendship for restoration of the relations. Whoever was an initiator of your gap, the guy has to take the first step. But if you feel that the former beloved wants only sex, refuse better, otherwise you will be felt used.

5. Having begun to communicate friendly, avoid situations and words which can have exciting effect. If you want to be only friends, a sexual note in the relations to you to anything. Do not meet, especially at first, alone. Communicate in cafe, in the company of mutual friends, etc. Control the emotions and thoughts – you should not dare to think of the ex-boyfriend as the sexual partner. Your subconsciousness will give these thoughts gestures and a mimicry, and your friend at the subconscious level "will read" them.

6. Respect his private life and do not allow the ex-boyfriend to interfere with yours. If you with advantage pass this test, so you have every chance to keep friendship for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team