How to remove a patrimonial damnation

How to remove a patrimonial damnation

Sometimes, that all members of one family in certain age perish or get sick with the same illness which in any way not to explain with bad heredity. And you precisely know that it began with one of ancestors who made something bad, and to him the damnation following departed. The patrimonial damnation can try to be removed by means of a candle.

It is required to you

  • Wax candle
  • Iron ware
  • Grater
  • Glass with water
  • Tack


1. Learn a prayer of "Pater Noster" or find its text. It is one of the main prayers at believers of all Christian faiths therefore it is possible to find it in any prayer book.

2. You go to church and buy a wax candle. At the same time it is absolutely unimportant to what Christian temple you will go. The bible damnation "to the seventh knee" exists both at Orthodox Christians, and at Catholics, and even at Protestants. But it is better to go to that church to which your ancestor with whom began one candle belonged.

3. Make glass with water. It is better to use water spring, but as a last resort it is possible to take also water.

4. Grate a candle in iron ware. Take to bank over fire that wax melted. It has to turn into homogeneous mass. It is not necessary to mix at the same time it. You hold wax on fire, you will not read a prayer yet.

5. Read to "Pater Noster" and remove to bank from fire. You hold to bank before yourself and you tell on wax a prayer with a request to save you from a patrimonial damnation. The text can be any, but at the beginning the address "Is necessary I, such ask, Lord, his Son, Jesus, his Mother, Precistuju Vergine Maria". Further ask to remove from you and all your sort a damnation of your ancestor and to show Kindness and Generosity Heavenly. If you know, enter the name of the damned ancestor.

6. Slowly pour out wax in glass with water, sentencing: "As the river carries away all alluvial in the spring, lifting dirt from a bottom and being cleaned, my cover will so be cleaned from spots. Good luck, not with the Satan". Pouring out a last straw, say: "I pour out and I hope. Amen".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team