How to renew its interest

How to renew its interest

Loss of interest in the woman from the man depends not only on duration of the relations, but also on ability to be together happy. When feelings of one partner change and die away, as a rule, the second feels cooling too. If parting with the man is not in your plans, urgently undertake measures and renew his interest in yourself.


1. Remember what you were when only got acquainted with each other. Everything matters: appearance, manner of communication and behavior, preference and interests. Whether something changed since then? Whether it is possible to return your former enthusiasm and sparkles in eyes? Try to remind that girl at least slightly. Men always in secret hope that the woman loved by them will never change. Here and he wants you always to remain such what were on the first appointment.

2. If long ago did not find for themselves time, and house efforts captured you entirely, urgently get rid of such injustice. Remember about what is pleasant above all: walks, theater, waterslides. Arrange a meeting with yourself of the stylist loved in an office, the massage therapist or the hairdresser. And if the budget does not allow, find acceptable and inexpensive ways to maintain health, mood and appearance in excellent condition. Take for practice to remain sometimes alone and to analyze the life. The sheet of paper and the handle are for this purpose necessary. For some time switch-off the mobile phone, then nobody will be able to prevent to be himself. On paper write what occurs in your life now, and kind of there was a wish that was actually. Think of ways of achievement of the desirable.

3. Enjoy life. Write the list of the desires from hundred points, and take for practice to realize every day at least one of them. It will give you confidence. Life consists not only from this to long for the man and to show discontent concerning lack of attention from its party. You will have a personal space where it is good and cheerful, and it will become curious and interesting to the partner that new occurs in life of his woman. Darling will have a feeling that important events pass by it, and he will begin to pay you more attention.

4. Diversify joint life. Think of a common ground with the man, mutual hobbies. Return to the relations what united you earlier. Add new, both partners constantly change. Go to an interesting travel, replace an interior, find club on interests. Act!

5. Diversify intimate life. For men it is very important aspect for the harmonious relations with the woman. Be not afraid to dream about sex, to tell it about the desires. Buy beautiful linen, take an interest in novelties in sex shops. It is important that you derived pleasure from process. Also try to be different, to think out something brand new that can interest your man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team