How to report to the first child about fast replenishment in family

How to report to the first child about fast replenishment in family

Most of children of preschool age not absolutely well imagine the baby. The task of parents is to report about appearance of the brother or little sister at the most right moment. Before telling the senior child about a joyful event, it is necessary to prepare it for it.


1. You descend with the child on a visit to acquaintances who had a kid recently. Let your firstborn will look how change clothes of the baby as play with him.

2. Watch the children's or animated movie in which characters look after small children together with the child.

3. Show to the child of his photo at infantile age. Tell it what he then was able to do.

4. You should not discuss with the senior child about his future duties connected with appearance of the kid. Adjust the child on pleasant changes. Tell that he will be able to roll the real carriage, to taste tasty baby food.

5. If from the firstborn there are unusual reactions, it is necessary to understand it and patience. For example, the child can again want to become small. If you do not shame him, then and shake on hands if he wants it, play with it. He will quickly calm down and again "will mature".

6. Do not show at the senior child excessive tenderness to the baby. Do it when the firstborn is not nearby.

7. Showing an affection to younger, do not forget about the senior. Be not afraid to allow it to take the brother or the little sister. So they will have an attachment to each other quicker. Only surely control this process.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team