How to resist to pressure of people around

How to resist to pressure of people around

Living among people, it is difficult not to listen sometimes to opinion of society. But if some try not to pay attention to reproaches and slanders, then pressure of people around can oppress some. Try to take a situation in hand and to fight back offenders.


1. While people around try to teach you to life, to order or manipulate you, and you cannot fight back them, try to do it at least mentally. You say in mind that would like, but you do not dare to tell live. Repeat to yourself "I take an independent stand", "I am not obliged to obey them", "I do not suit what they advise", "they understand nothing". It will help you to worry unpleasant minutes.

2. Learn to speak "no". Sometimes people make the mass of things, unnecessary and unpleasant for them, only because cannot refuse: carry out the instructions which are not relating to their functions, attend actions at which they would not like to be present, communicate with acquaintances who are uninteresting to them. Get up courage and begin to respond to offers which do not cause in you enthusiasm, polite refusal. It will save your time and nerves.

3. You are not silent if something does not suit you. People around, perhaps, it is not even aware as you are irritated by their morals, and sincerely consider that give to you useful tips. If the colleague persistently tries to feed you with pies of own preparation which you hate, parents once again try to acquaint with the son of the neighbor, and the gentleman persistently plays at you under a window the next serenade though you desperately want to sleep, say that it does not suit you, it is not pleasant to you, and from now on you should not treat you in this way. If you suffer such address, people around will consider your behavior tacit consent.

4. Do not allow to impose you sense of guilt. What you have to do, is written in your functions and that should not – in criminal and administrative codes. You make all the rest voluntarily and at own will. People around can show the wishes concerning your acts, but it should not be a direct guide to action.

5. Look for adherents. Let in your circle of contacts there are people who try to press on you, but if you have friends capable to give support to you and to find the worthy answer to the offender, it will be simpler to you to transfer current situation. Gradually, feeling participation of relatives, you will become is stronger.

6. If your methods do not work, try to minimize communication with the offender. Do not bring up the subjects which are unpleasant to you, talk only on business. If you notice that try to put pressure upon you, refer to urgent affairs and retire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team