How to resolve a love triangle

How to resolve a love triangle

It is impossible to call the relations between the loving people harmonious if there is someone the third which has feelings to one of them too. Such deal suits someone, another wants to resolve a love triangle and to get rid of the competitor.


1. If your darling looks after you and another, but in marriage with one of you does not consist, fight for the love. You have full moral authority to it. In this fight all means are good. Avoid only threats to the competitor, she will complain to the man - and you will have serious trials with him, and it is possible, and with a law-enforcement system.

2. Increase the level of the social prestige: get additional education, work on manners, you learn to make out beautifully cooked food. Let male mutual friends praise you, it will force it to estimate as you are good. Your demand at an opposite sex can push darling to make a choice in your advantage.

3. If darling is married, but not to you, and nothing is going to change - raise a question "edge". Risk to go to the ultimatum. Say what further you do not intend to suffer, precious time of your life flows away as water which cannot be held in a hand. Tell that you were tired to wait and you suggest to decide on the choice finally. But be ready that darling will remain not with you.

4. If you are loved more, than the wife, then the choice will be in your advantage. And if it becomes clear that you are loved insufficiently strongly, do not spend the time for the unpromising relations. So you will get time which can be spent for search of the partner who was more suitable you.

5. If the wife you, and the husband changes, and you have proofs of treason — do not hurry to destroy family. It is unprofitable to sever marriage relations to the woman in principle. Not easy to find the husband after the divorce, especially if there are children. Think, and than the mistress is better than you? Something does not develop in your family relations, look for the reason. Work on yourself, reconsider the behavior and the relation to the husband.

6. If your husband in principle cannot love only one woman, and it does not suit you — suffer, will not be able to ensure the desirable standard of living independently yet. Wait for an opportunity when you are able to leave this love triangle, having kept at the same time the advantage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team