How to restore family

How to restore family

The family quarrel can sometimes become serious test for marriage. If both spouses are only capable to accuse each other of the incident and are not ready to make concessions, then family breakdown probability is high. And only at full mutual understanding and readiness to meet halfway the peace restoration each other is possible.


1. The attempt to restore the former relations can become painful and long, and the come reconciliation to be unstable because spouses not completely forgave each other. Therefore first of all try to restore mutual trust.

2. At a talk with the partner try to avoid discussion of a quarrel or the joint life. It is better to communicate on abstract subjects.

3. Begin to improve the relations slowly, haste in this case to anything. For a start just you spend time together. So, have dinner at one table or watch some movie. If you are still not ready to contact with the partner, then separate pastime will become the best option. Such tactics will help to distract from family problems. Besides, it will enhance thirst for darling, and you will want to reconcile quicker. Spend this time with the maximum advantage - you can meet friends who were not seen long ago, to undertake those affairs to which were too busy, etc.

4. As soon as you feel that you are ready to a serious conversation, take the initiative. Try to talk quietly, without manifestations of emotions. Do not forget that each of you deserves honest answers to all questions. Try to understand together that led to destruction of trust. Listen to opinion of the partner on a quarrel. At the same time try not to argue, and show that his experiences are close to you. At a conversation do not use words which can cause the conflict. "I" am better to speak from a position, but not "you".

5. To fix reconciliation, change a situation for time and be engaged in some occupation in common. So, you can plan together a vacation or think up a joint hobby. Further always show interest in your loved one and pay it attention, and your family will become strong and amicable again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team