How to restore the relations with the guy

How to restore the relations with the guy

Sleepless nights, tears in a pillow, an hours-long talk with girlfriends – all this is familiar to the women who endured parting with darling. In a rage rush the first thoughts - let leaves, he still will regret … But over time often there is desire to return darling.

1. Think whether really you want to restore the relations. It is quite probable that former feelings to return will not turn out. Time of the relation cracked, so there was a reason. And if it was the ordinary quarrel, and the love remained, everything can try to be adjusted. But when feelings left, it is impossible to correct anything any more.

2. You should not sit and wait that everything will be solved. Analyze the gap reasons, remember who was an initiator. If it you decided to put the end, and now changed the mind, everything is rather simple. The young man, most likely, still has to you feelings. Call him and make an appointment. You will need to speak, ask forgiveness for emotionality, irascibility. You speak sincerely that he believed you. Though if you believe that this person is necessary to you, words will turn out truthful and honest.

3. In a case when the guy was an initiator of a gap, the situation becomes complicated. But you should not despair. Remember everything that was before parting, try to find the reason of leaving of the young man. Possibly, during the last conversation he stated you all the claims. Think that you can correct in yourself and the style of behavior. The main thing in this situation is not simply to return the guy, but also to hold it then. If not to eliminate irritants, quarrels and parting will be inevitable. Perhaps, you found for the darling not enough time. Or, on the contrary, exhausted the persistence, control, jealousy. If you want to return it, change and change style of relationship.

4. Discuss current situation with the man. Call him on straight talk, suggest to start everything "with a clean slate". Promise that you will listen to it and his desires. If it had to you feelings, he will not refuse to give the second chance to your relations. To break up not so simply finally with the person who is close to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team